Online measurement

As modern manufacturing companies place higher and higher requirements on manufacturing efficiency and workpiece quality, it is required to realize the measurement of workpieces in the workshop of the manufacturing, complete the on-site dimension measurement and verification of various tooling and molds, and monitor the assembly in real time. situation. In this way, the quality of assembly and processing can be fed back in real time, and the basis for adjustment and quality control of the production process can be provided.
The original method of performing tolerance and accuracy verification by the metrology department after processing is more and more unsuitable, and the measuring equipment is required to work on the workshop floor. Generally, efforts and adjustments are needed in two directions.
First, it can overcome the impact of the workshop environment on precision measurement systems, and can adapt to the high efficiency requirements of on-site production.
Unlike the metering room, the production site will face environmental temperature conditions that cannot be as tightly controlled as the metering room, and there are vibrations, dusts, oil stains, etc. that have a serious impact on measurement accuracy. To adapt to the measurement needs at the shop floor, the measurement system needs to be equipped with a temperature compensation system to compensate for the influence of temperature changes on the measurement accuracy through software and sensors. The simplest is linear temperature compensation, which senses temperature changes and compensates in real time by placing temperature sensors on the workpiece and at each end of each machine shaft. Considering that the machine structure is not a simple linear change with temperature, the higher end introduces the concept of structural temperature compensation. For example, the CLIMA and ACTIV temperature compensation systems of the Hexagon Metrology Group measurement system are implemented at 16-26 degrees and 15-35 by placing multiple temperature sensors at the core of the machine and using the structural model analysis technology of the measuring machine itself. Structural compensation under temperature conditions effectively ensures system accuracy in complex temperature environments.
Some models, such as the Bravo, SIRIO and ONE models from the Hexagon Metrology Industry Group, are designed specifically for the on-site measurement needs of the machine. The machine has a robust mechanism for complex environments, high efficiency and perfect temperature compensation. The system, even the whole machine does not need compressed air, as long as a power outlet, it can ensure the system works at high precision on the production site. These models are designed for on-site use in consideration of the special measurement needs of modern users.
In addition, taking into account the special environment of the workshop site and a series of requirements for measurement efficiency and integration with the production line, measurement manufacturers often help users solve this problem through system solutions or turnkey projects. This includes the design of the vibration isolation system, the design and establishment of the temperature control room, the manual and automatic loading and unloading system, and various special and general fixtures.
Second, the portable measurement system provides convenience for on-site use
A variety of portable measurement systems with high mobility, such as convenient and flexible articulated arm measuring machines, large-scale laser trackers, and white light measurement systems with the fastest data capture and measurement capabilities, provide a good means of use in the field. The method provides a convenient and quick method and means for tasks that are large, inconvenient to move, and that require timely measurement data for subsequent adjustment or repair. It is also a major innovation in the field of measurement outside of stationary measurement systems.

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