Car: Auto Research

The modern automotive design field covers automotive concept design, clay model manufacturing, vehicle exterior CAD design, cover CAD design and CAE simulation, and ultimately involves the matching of white body. In the process of automobile design, it is usually faced with the design and splicing of complex free-form surfaces. It is necessary to describe complex surfaces through a rigorous and unified mathematical language, and transform the designer's imagination into a CAD model that can be used to guide subsequent manufacturing. From design sketches to solid models, to trial production. The solutions offered by Hexagon involve all aspects of digitization, model milling, measurement comparison and analysis, all the way to turning the designer's imagination into reality.
Economical movable CNC milling system for design rooms
The ROMOCUT robotic milling system is the world's first mobile CNC milling system. It is specially designed to process various soft materials: molds and modeling materials such as polystyrene (foam), sludge, PU resin, etc., and can directly process prototype models such as 1:1 cars in the design studio. The system does not require a foundation and can be used in any industrial environment such as design room, workshop, etc. After integrating the Leica laser tracker or the ROMER absolute arm, it can infinitely expand the high-precision machining range and realize large-machine machining large-size models.
DEA fixed multi-arm measurement and milling system
A multi-purpose measuring center is built by integrating multiple measuring arms in a single measuring system. It is compatible with trigger probes, scanning probes (contact and laser) and milling heads for machining, in addition to various geometries. Measurement tasks can also complete the operational needs of design studios such as CAD comparison measurement of surfaces, intelligent reverse, and milling of soft materials.
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