Car: body and sub-assembly

If an important part of the core performance of the engine and components, the manufacture of the body is the key to the interpretation of the car designer's concept, and provide a better security protection, but also an important indicator of the development of the automotive industry, Industry and consumers are concerned.
Surfaces, grooves, slits, holes of various shapes... These features can be embodied on the body and various sub-assembly parts, not only for measuring these features, but also for sub-assemblies and sub-assemblies, parts The measurement of the mating relationship between the interior parts and the front part is measured.
The measurement in the automotive body manufacturing process is mainly reflected in the matching, welding and final assembly.
The batch approval of the body and inner and outer parts used on various models must be tested and matched by a comprehensive matching sample rack or main model. The trial installation and matching optimization of the body and interior and exterior trim parts during product development and trial production can be carried out on the integrated matching sample rack and the main model. The detection features are: high precision, mainly manual detection, and complex detection features. The scheme is mainly based on the cantilever measurement system or the CognitensWLS400M manual camera measurement system. The former scheme features: easy to detect hidden points, high precision and strong versatility; the latter is characterized by high speed of point cloud data acquisition and point cloud The ability to analyze virtual gaps and steps is strong.
The automobile body is a structural member composed of a thin plate, and the stamped and formed sheet material is assembled and welded to form a body shell (white body), and welding is the key to body forming. In order to control the size of the body, it is usually necessary to inspect the body-in-white, the four-door two-cover, the front wall assembly, the floor assembly, the left/right side circumference assembly, the rear wall assembly, and the top cover assembly. The detection characteristics of this link are: 200-400 key feature detection, large deviation, detection scheme needs high fault tolerance; measurement frequency is 2 to 3 shifts per day, and repeated detection requires automatic detection scheme. Therefore, the recommended solution is the DEA series of automatic double cantilever measurement system, which uses trigger detection to write a fault tolerance adjustment program with automatic query high deviation characteristics.
Final assembly:
Automobile assembly is the final step in the entire manufacturing process of the automobile. It is the combination of thousands of various parts that have passed the inspection, according to the specified accuracy standards and technical requirements, the assembly, assembly and vehicle are strictly tested. Procedure to confirm that it is qualified for the entire process. In order to ensure the perfection of the finished vehicle, it is necessary to carry out dimensional inspection of the key parts of the finished vehicle to ensure the perfect assembly process. The main inspection requirements of this link are: full inspection of the vehicle body, including space from front to back, left and right, and chassis. The detection features include upper and lower surfaces and key points inside and outside the body; Leica absolute laser tracker is an ideal solution for laser scanning. And the trigger detection system, which can meet the precise measurement of hidden features and complex angles such as chassis.
The modern quality control department needs to integrate a large amount of inspection data in all aspects of automobile manufacturing, coordinate and unify the different inspection equipment, detection methods, test reports, and provide each engineer with the test data of their own concern. Through the effective management of supplier inspection through inspection planning, offline programming and WebReport implementation, a unified inspection planning platform is developed, and offline programming is performed on it, real-time monitoring and management of all measuring machines. In order to achieve this goal, Hexagon launched the I2T (Automotive Industry Data Management Solution) system, which not only provides the vehicle users with a measurement system suitable for each link, but also effectively uses various means of software to achieve various Integration of measurement systems and information applications.

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