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In recent years, the medical device industry has developed rapidly. However, as a typical industry with small size, soft materials and complex shape parts, as a special industry related to quality of life, its product quality inspection requirements are more stringent and special. Therefore, choosing the most suitable testing equipment will not only enable the medical device industry to obtain product quality assurance, but also help the efficient production and manufacturing, and will also add to the development of new products in the medical device industry.
Composite image measurement technology is the ideal detection method for the medical device industry
Accurate verification of part size specifications is a key component of small medical device workpiece design and product improvement, especially for medical implant intervention products. Minimally invasive interventional vascular stents and catheter products are soft, thin and transparent, resulting in contact detection. It is easy to produce deformation, and the workpiece characteristics of the nail nail products are too small or even beyond the trigger range of the contact probe. The denture occlusal parts are not only small in features but also complex in shape. Non-optical detection is not sufficient to evaluate the surface contour, and the surface roughness is extremely strict. Any artificial joints and joints are strictly prohibited from triggering detection and scratching.
Fortunately, imaging and other non-contact detection technologies solve the problems of users in the medical device industry. Non-contact optical detection technology can quickly collect a large amount of three-dimensional information under the premise of the above-mentioned contact measurement disadvantage, which is sufficient for product development. Data analysis and subsequent workpiece size verification; at the same time, the application of CAD-based measurement software enables users to efficiently and intuitively perform dimensional verification, design analysis and manufacturing process control using 2D\2.5D\3D models.
By integrating multiple types of detection technologies such as image, laser, white light and contact in a single device, the most suitable detection method for different geometries, different materials and different reflective properties and accuracy requirements can be obtained: optical image detection means For measuring the planar size and height dimension of thin and soft workpieces, avoiding deformation caused by direct contact; laser measurement is suitable for rapid measurement and mapping of curved surface contours and common geometric features; white light detection technology is suitable for high precision thin and mirror The surface profile and roughness of the material are measured; the normal trigger detection method is suitable for the measurement of all curved surfaces and geometric features that can be directly contacted.
Therefore, sufficient efficiency and flexibility make the composite image measuring system an ideal solution for small, thin, soft and complex types of geometric surveying and mapping in the medical device industry.
Select OPTIV composite image measuring system
The OPTIV composite image measuring instrument under the Hexagon Industry Group is derived from the upgrade of Mahr and Mycrona multi-sensing measurement technology in Germany. It has several patented technologies, such as 2-Step-Zoom technology, dual CCD design, high-speed amplification, The override switch has no error; the dual Z-axis design allows the Optiv measurement system to maximize the proximity to the measurement entity. For the characteristics of multi-turn parts of medical devices, users can customize the fourth axis turntable that can participate in the calculation online, thereby achieving high-efficiency measurement of rotary parts with multiple positioning angles.
In addition to combining the excellent genes of Mahr and Mycrona multi-sensor technology, the OPTIV composite image measurement system is better optimized by integrating the comprehensive digital measurement software system of the Hexagon Metrology Industry Group, resulting in greater operability and Efficient, low cost and high return.
As the first image measurement software to introduce CAD applications, OPTIV configured PC-DMISVision has powerful CAD application functions, making software operation more efficient and data comparison more intuitive, and its unique multiple feature capture function can be used for the same view. All the features in the field are measured at the same time, which greatly improves the measurement efficiency of feature-intensive workpieces. PC-DMISEMS enterprise-level digital measurement software system can realize the one-click pipeline quality inspection and statistical analysis of massive data on the production line of the factory from the perspective of enterprise digitalization and automation requirements, saving the labor cost of professional quality inspection for the enterprise. And improve the efficiency of quality inspection operations; PC-DMISEMS can also provide multi-port measurement information management and networked reporting system for various departments within the enterprise and even external suppliers of enterprises, ensuring timely adjustment of production and manufacturing at all levels of the enterprise. R&D process, which leads to higher decision-making efficiency; another outstanding advantage of PC-DMIS digital measurement software system is that it provides measurement planning and automatic offline programming module based on the most advanced MBD technology in the world, which can greatly reduce manpower The time to write the test program (about 85% reduction), while eliminating the time required for the measurement device to be occupied, thereby improving the effective detection usage of the measurement device.

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