Automated measurement

With the continuous advancement of the "Made in China 2025" process, Lean Automation, which is the inevitable stage of intelligent manufacturing, is developing rapidly; as modern manufacturing companies place higher and higher requirements on manufacturing efficiency and workpiece quality, the traditional single measuring equipment The more it can not meet the high-end requirements of online production, high-efficiency, batch detection, real-time detection data feedback or processing compensation in intelligent production.
The intelligent processing and inspection automation solution of the workshop focuses on “improving quality and efficiency”, integrating advanced and innovative technologies such as “automation”, “statistical analysis”, “trend prediction” and “closed loop compensation” to completely solve the original work mode. , processing and quality control problems, significantly reducing production costs. The solution integrates the workshop type measuring machine, the on-machine measuring head and the tool setting instrument, the robot, the machining center, and the multi-software technologies such as CAM and SPC, and moves the measurement room to the production workshop site to meet the beat of the production line multi-product fast switching production. The detection efficiency is improved by 2-3 times, the quality status is monitored, analyzed and reported in real time, and the machine tool compensation processing is fed back, which makes the manufacturing process and quality more reliable.
Implement ten automatic functions
Automatic programming: efficient automatic machining programming with VeroCAM;
RFID automatic identification: automatic identification of electrode identification information and rack position information;
Automatic loading and unloading: integrated robot, automatic loading and unloading to machine tools and measuring machines;
Automatic alignment of the machining origin: Before machining, the m&h on-machine probe automatically corrects the clamped parts and confirms the machining coordinate origin;
Automatic detection and correction of tool parameters: Through the m&h tool setting tool, the tool parameters are automatically detected and automatically corrected.
Automated machining: The robot automatically feeds the machine to the machine, automatically calls the machining program, and completes the automatic machining;
Automated part measurement: The robot automatically feeds the machined parts to the measuring machine, the system automatically calls the measurement program and automatically completes the measurement;
Automatic real-time statistical analysis and reporting: real-time statistical analysis of machine, workpiece, tool, environment, processing measurement results, and output a variety of statistical analysis charts;
Automatic closed-loop compensation processing: Automatically correct tool parameters based on statistical analysis of tool parameters and part measurement data to achieve high-quality closed-loop machining.
Automatic warning: Automatic sound and light alarm for system anomalies.
Data collection / reporting and data processing
Data types collected on the machine probe and measuring machine:
Part characteristics, workpiece temperature, and environmental data
Machine number, tool number, workpiece identification code
Workpiece serial number
Probe calibration data
Reporting and data processing:
Evaluate and report all collected data
Monitor all part features and tool conditions
Automatic analysis and calculation of part and tool size and shape tolerance moving average, error compensation by adjusting tool parameters to ensure continuous high quality part processing
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