Mold equipment

The main task of the process design is to select a reasonable processing method and processing sequence for the parts to be processed so that qualified finished parts can be produced according to the design requirements. Among them, the design, manufacture, verification and adjustment of various mold equipment, including molds, fixtures and inspection tools, are the basis for ensuring smooth follow-up production.
The modern mold processing and manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, and the market competition in the mold industry is also rapidly developing. The processing requirements are shortened and the cost requirements are reduced. Therefore, how to improve the production capacity of processing equipment, with efficient quality control means has become the key to the success of mold manufacturing enterprises in the competition.
With the development of the mold manufacturing industry, the development of mold measurement technology is also in line. Different measurement techniques and different measuring equipment have emerged according to the different characteristics of mold making. From the digital mapping involved in the initial stage of mold design, to the measurement of mold processing, mold measurement, to mold acceptance measurement and later mold repair measurement; from small electronic molds to large molds in the automotive industry and large-scale aerospace industry. Mold measurement, high precision measurement equipment is everywhere. So far, the measuring equipment used for mold quality inspection includes not only the classic fixed high-precision coordinate measuring machine, but also various measuring equipment suitable for on-line application, such as portable articulated arm measuring machine, because of the characteristics of mold manufacturing. Measurement equipment such as high-efficiency white light measuring machines and large-size laser trackers have also appeared on the scene, and meet the testing needs of mold products through contact, non-contact measurement, image and laser scanning, and photogrammetry.
A typical mold company, in addition to the production and manufacture of molds, will also involve the manufacture of some inspection tools, fixtures and general machine parts. In this case, high precision, strong function and good versatility The measuring machine has become the first classical measuring device for the quality inspection of most mold companies.
For ultra-small molds, such as electrode molds, medical and process small-sized molds, you can use image-type CMM, which can quickly achieve small arcs, small chamfers and some complex curves by image measurement. Image capture" measurement. The Optiv series of image measuring instruments are the first choice for measuring such small size molds.
The measurement requirements of the mold usually include the specified point measurement of the control profile, the diameter and position measurement of the assembly and positioning holes, etc., and often the profile of the profile line is also required. At this time, the high precision, automation and point-to-point contact measurement capability of the fixed measuring machine is extremely suitable. If the mold workpiece is required to be directly matched with the point cloud on the CAD model or the mold part is mapped, the fixed measuring machine can also achieve high by means of the contact continuous scanning probe or the non-contact laser scanning probe. Efficient, high-density point cloud scanning measurements. It should be noted here that because of the difference in measurement structure and measurement principle, the accuracy of contact measurement is usually better than that of non-contact measurement.
At the same time, the manufacture and development of molds, including processes such as manufacturing, verification, try-out and mold repair, a convenient and fast measurement system, such as Optigo, a white light measurement system from CogniTens from Israel, provides real-time Dimensional information, including surface deviation, feature and edge position, section measurement, and other measurements, to quickly verify and adjust the workpiece. With the detailed description of the actual mold surface provided by Optigo, it is easy to find deviations from the design intent, help make informed and satisfactory decisions about mold machining, and support repair and rework. During the mold test, Optigo can be used to measure and analyze the molded parts after the test, so that the problem can be accurately pointed out and the correct operation method can be given to reduce the time of repeated experiments. Optigo also supports mold copying, pre-maintenance and mold archiving.
For process equipment such as fixtures and inspection tools, various types of measurement systems (mainly portable measurement systems) provide advanced and applicable system installation methods and verification methods. For smaller sizes, the articulated arm measurement system can be used, while large-scale measurement systems, such as laser trackers and all-round measurement systems, provide suitable measurement methods and means for large fixtures, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. Installation and calibration of various process equipment.

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