Several storage requirements for three-coordinate measuring instruments

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In order to achieve precise inspection of special workpieces, three-coordinate measuring instruments have emerged and are widely used in the manufacturing industry, which is very popular. The three-coordinate measuring instrument is a high-precision instrument, and its measurement accuracy is easily affected by external factors and needs to be carefully stored. Below, Xinli Precision tells everyone how to store the three-coordinate measuring instrument after buying it.
Storage requirements 1. Stored in a dedicated toolbox
When the CMM is not in use, it should be placed horizontally inside a dedicated toolbox, and the toolbox should also be placed in a convenient position for easy removal. In order not to affect the measurement accuracy of the coordinate measuring instrument, it is preferable to place the tool case in which the detecting instrument is stored in a position where it is stable and free from other foreign matter.
Storage requirements 2. Do not mix with sharp sharps
As a precision measuring tool, the coordinate measuring instrument is more susceptible to damage by sharp instruments, so the relevant operator should separate it from those sharp sharps when storing it. Items such as trowels, abrasives, hammers, and knives are strictly prohibited from being mixed with the CMM to prevent damage or scratching to the CMM.
Storage requirements 3. Maintain proper storage ambient temperature
Since the coordinate measuring instrument needs to measure the workpiece under a specific temperature environment, it is required that the temperature of the measuring instrument storage environment should also be controlled within a reasonable range. The temperature of the storage environment of the coordinate measuring instrument is preferably controlled at about 20 degrees Celsius, and the relevant temperature difference floating range must not exceed 2 degrees Celsius.
The above is the storage requirements of the three-coordinate measuring instrument, I hope to help everyone. To learn more about the three-coordinate and three-element issues, please pay attention to Xinli Dynamics. Xinli Precision Machinery provides customers with a variety of precision measuring instruments, as well as measurement solutions, welcome to consult.