The reason why the Nikon three-dimensional measuring instrument operates with no

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Nikon's three-coordinate, three-dimensional measuring instrument in the operation process, occasionally there will be inexplicable noise, what is the cause?
1. Gas shock: One is that the air-floating block gas and the surrounding environment just happen to resonate. At this time, pressing the emergency still has a sound, slightly changing the intake pressure, changing the frequency of the gas vibration can eliminate the vibration; It is caused by the vibration of the motor. At this time, there should be no sound when pressing the emergency.
Nikon three coordinates
2. Electrical system: The parameters of the motor are not suitable. When the state of the coordinate measuring machine changes, there may be a shock. There will be a loud sound. If the emergency button is pressed, the sound should disappear and the sound should be emitted. Hand touch the motor should be able to feel the obvious vibration.
3, mechanical part: the machine's transmission or air floating block or reading head has sound when moving, the transmission may have obstacles, air floating block, reading the reading head may have friction, such problems can be obtained by supplying air to the machine Push the axis of the coordinate measuring machine to judge. If it is a mechanical problem, you can hear it at this time and you can find the part that makes the sound.
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