Dust particles can affect the accuracy of Nikon's three coordinates

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Nikon's three-coordinate is a high-precision measuring instrument. It has strict requirements on the surrounding environment. Dust, particles and dirt will affect the accuracy of Nikon's three coordinates. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the detection area dust-free and pollution-free.
Under the action of the detection force, the dust particles, the chips, the ball and the crude oil or coolant film on the surface to be tested can be partially squeezed away, depending on their quantity, size and distribution. They may have an effect on the measured coordinate values ??of the Nikon three coordinates. Therefore, depending on the required accuracy, appropriate cleaning steps, such as the use of protective cabinets or air-conditioning laboratories, are effective in maintaining adequate cleanliness.
However, it is almost impossible to completely prevent the influence of dust and suspended particles on the three-dimensional measuring instrument in an industrial environment. Since dust and dirt are accumulated over time, the Nikon three-coordinate air bearing and rolling bearing, guide rail and other components need to be cleaned frequently.
Nikon's three-coordinate instructions state how long it should be, according to the environmental conditions, by what method, by whom (user or service department) to clean up the Nikon three-coordinate parts. Nikon's three-coordinate users are responsible for complying with these procedures.
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