Nikon coordinate measuring machine operation precautions

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Nikon three-coordinate measuring machine is mainly divided into three types: contact probe measuring coordinate measuring instrument, image composite three-coordinate measuring instrument and laser composite three-coordinate measuring instrument. We will provide suitable according to customer's product characteristics and measurement requirements. measuring instrument. Below, I will tell you about the operation precautions of the Nikon CMM.
1. Before the parts to be tested are placed on the workbench, they should be cleaned and deburred to prevent the residual coolant and machining residues on the surface of the parts from affecting the measurement accuracy and tip life of the Nikon CMM.
2. The parts to be tested should be kept indoors in temperature before measurement. If the temperature difference is too large, the measurement accuracy will be affected.
3. Large and heavy parts should be placed gently on the workbench to avoid violent collisions, resulting in damage to the workbench or parts. If necessary, a thick rubber can be placed on the Nikon three-coordinate workbench to prevent collision;
4. After placing the small and light parts on the Nikon CMM table, it should be tightened before measuring, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy;
5. During the working process, when the measuring seat is rotating (especially with the extension rod), it must be away from the parts to avoid collision;
6. If abnormal noise or sudden emergency occurs during work, do not disassemble and repair it yourself. Please contact our company in time. The company will arrange for highly trained personnel to go and promise to help customers solve problems as quickly as possible. .
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