What is the reason why the coordinate measuring machine has a sound?

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As a high-precision measuring instrument, the coordinate measuring machine can not tolerate a half point error. In the process of measurement, if there is a problem with the sound of the coordinate measuring machine, the user needs to pay attention to it. If the processing is not good, the accuracy of the three coordinates will be greatly affected. In order to let you better understand and use the CMM, let's analyze the reason why the three coordinates produce a sound.
1, gas shock
There are many kinds of gas shocks, one is caused by the vibration of the motor of the coordinate measuring machine. If there is no sound in the emergency, the other is because the gas of the air floating block just happens to resonate with the surrounding. There is still a sound, slightly change the intake pressure, and change the frequency of the gas vibration to eliminate the vibration of the CMM.
2, the mechanical part
The transmission of the three-dimensional measuring machine or the air-floating block or the reading head has sound during the movement, the transmission may have obstacles, the air-floating block, and the reading head may have friction. Such problems can be promoted by hand after the gas is supplied to the machine. There is a sounding axis to judge, if it is a mechanical problem, you can hear it at this time, you can find the part that makes the sound.
3. Electrical system
If the three-coordinate motor is not suitable for the parameters and the machine state changes, there may be a shock. There will be a lot of sound. If the emergency button is pressed, the sound should disappear. When the sound is heard, the motor should feel the same. To the obvious vibration.
The operator's familiarity with the CMM determines the application of the three coordinates in the measurement. We only have a good understanding of the basic conditions of the CMM, so that we can better use the CMM to complete the measurement task. . Learn more about the three-coordinate, three-element operation, welcome to consult Xinli.