How to correctly choose the installation location of Nikon three coordinates

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Nikon's three-coordinate, Nikon coordinate measuring machine is widely used in various fields, but little is known about the choice of its installation location. Below, Xinli Precision Machinery tells everyone how to correctly choose the installation location of Nikon's three coordinates.
When selecting the Nikon three-coordinate and Nikon coordinate measuring machine installation site, consider the machine type, dimensions, machine weight, structural form, surrounding environment, such as vibration conditions, temperature conditions, suitable lifting, auxiliary equipment such as: suitable Air source, power supply arrangement, etc.
1, temperature, humidity
The most suitable place to install Nikon's three coordinates is a room where temperature, humidity and vibration can be stably controlled. Generally, it is not suitable for direct sunlight. It is best to face north or no window, because sunlight has an effect on indoor temperature. Not conducive to temperature control. In addition, the room where the Nikon CMM is installed must be clean, free of corrosive dust and peeling paint. The design of doors and windows should take into account the insulation requirements of the equipment room, the need for equipment and parts to enter and exit. The windows should be double-windowed and equipped with curtains. It is best to set up the transition room in the machine room. Try to avoid placing them at the corners of the adjacent external walls on both sides and where there is a strong heat source nearby.
2, vibration
Nikon's three-coordinate machine room should not be built in areas with strong vibration and high noise, such as: punching machines, presses, forging equipment, pile drivers, etc.
3. Magnetic field and electric field
Nikon's three-coordinate equipment room should not be built near strong electric fields and strong magnetic fields, such as power-off equipment, transformers, EDM machines, variable frequency electric furnaces, arc welding and seam welding machines, as well as high dust areas and corrosive gas sources. For hazardous gas plants, it must be placed in the upper hand of the hazardous gas workshop.
4, space
Nikon's three-coordinate installation location must have appropriate space, which facilitates the Nikon CMM in place and various operations under normal machine operation, and is also conducive to indoor temperature control. The position of the measuring machine should be convenient for the upper and lower parts and convenient maintenance operation and beautiful and harmonious. For example, the minimum distance between the Nikon three-coordinate mainframe and the control system is 600mm. In particular, a minimum space of about 100mm (or 200mm) should be reserved between the measuring machine and the ceiling of the machine room.
In short, Nikon CMM is a precision instrument, and you must be careful when choosing the installation location. Learn more about the three-coordinate, three-element, three-coordinate measuring instruments, welcome to consult Xinli Precision Machinery