Effect of surface roughness on bearings

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The life of the bearing is defined by the number of revolutions (or the number of hours of operation at a certain speed). Bearings within this life are subject to initial fatigue damage (flaking or missing) on any of the bearing rings or rolling elements. However, in laboratory tests or in actual use, it can be clearly seen that the actual life of the bearings with the same appearance under the same working conditions is very different. In addition, there are several different definitions of the bearing "life", one of which is the so-called "working life", which means that the actual life that can be achieved before a bearing is damaged is caused by wear and damage, usually not caused by fatigue, but by Caused by wear, corrosion, seal damage, etc.
Most of the bearings are damaged for many reasons - beyond the original estimated load, non-effective seals, too tight bearing clearance caused by too small bearing clearance. Any of these factors have their particular type of damage and leave a special mark of damage. Therefore, inspection of damaged bearings can be found in most cases. In general, one-third of skf bearing damage is caused by fatigue damage, and the other third is due to poor lubrication. One third of the lead is due to contaminants entering the bearing or improperly installed. The above is the influencing factor of bearing life introduced by the official website of China Bearing, I hope that everyone can help.